Opti call

Opti call

Design and development of control room CRM for taxi administration

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Opti Call is a dispatching complex for our internal customer. Opti provides taxi services in more than 36 cities of Ukraine, the company's arsenal includes a wide variety of services: from transfer to the airport or to the railway station, to the transportation of pets or courier delivery.


The order to create a CRM system arose because the paid software product that Opti used to pay for did not meet all the needs of our company. It could not be customized to add new features, and paying it regularly became financially inefficient. Thus, it was decided to create its own system for the efficient management of taxis, call center and administrative processes of the company.


After a thorough analysis of business requirements and market research, we have created a CRM system that not only fully meets all the needs of our company at the moment, but will also be flexible for future changes and expansions of functionality. This system effectively integrates all taxi back-office employees and integrates with passenger and driver applications, also developed by our team.


Creating our own CRM system turned out to be a big and difficult task, but thanks to a thorough analysis of our business needs and the hard work of our team, we successfully overcame all difficulties. We are proud to have been able to create something so valuable for our business.

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