Design and development of a resource for the administration of cargo transportation by sea

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Sproggi is a leading maritime logistics operator specializing in providing end-to-end solutions for the transportation of goods worldwide. The company has experience working with clients of various sizes and industries, which allows us to provide an individual approach to each client, and also takes care of transportation coordination, having a professional vision of all processes related to the transportation of goods by sea.


The Sproggi company turned to us in order to optimize its work process, to simplify the work of searching for cargo owners, as well as to facilitate the process of updating data on the fleet of ship owners. Taking into account the fact that previously Sproggi did not have its own website and communicated with customers exclusively through mail, we were faced with the task of creating a resource that would take into account the needs of the company as much as possible, facilitate the process of administering sea transportation and communication between cargo owners and ship owners.


After analyzing all the working processes of the Sproggi company, we created a website, as well as two separate offices for cargo owners and ship owners. Shipowners can add their fleet through their personal account, and cargo owners can send an application for transportation. Also, in addition to this, an admin panel was developed for Sproggi employees, thanks to which you can independently enter data and change the statuses of each process.


Working with Sproggi has been an interesting challenge for our team and we are proud that our contribution has made Sproggi even more customer-oriented and user-friendly. Also, the result of our joint work is improving the convenience of the company\'s employees.
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