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We bring innovative ideas to life by designing and developing mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

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Entrust your project to a team with many years of experience. We'll walk you through every stage, from concept to design, development, launch and after-sales service.

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From 30 days

A more precise duration of the development will be known after the agreement of the technical task

Basic package of services

  • Compilation of the technical task
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Prototype development with usability in mind
  • Individual design of pages in a corporate style
  • Application development
  • Integration of CRM, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Testing

Recommended Additional Services

  • Branding and corporate style
  • Writing texts for the site
  • Creation of photo/video content for the site
  • Connection to third-party programs and js libraries
  • Implementation of individual technical solutions
  • Set up integration with CRM, advertising and mail services, etc.
  • Adding multiple languages

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The cost of development is determined by the number and complexity of functionality that must be implemented in your product. The level of expertise of specialists, decisions and active participation of the customer also affect the cost and duration of development. It is important to note the basic requirements at the planning stage, as changes during the work can affect the project's time and cost.
We provide post-project support by training customer personnel and resolving issues during the warranty period after release. If necessary, additional post-warranty support can be included in the agreement to suit the unique needs of the business.
The need for a mobile application for your business depends on the nature of your business, goals and customer needs. A mobile application can improve accessibility, convenience and customer interaction, helping to increase loyalty and sales.
The choice between a native and cross-platform application depends on specific needs. Native allows you to optimally use the capabilities of a specific platform, but requires more resources. Cross-platform saves time and resources, but can be less productive. Choose based on the functionality, user needs and budget constraints of your project.
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